Savar - Natural Antioxidant Night Cream

Savar - Natural Antioxidant Night Cream

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Rich, luxurious and anti-aging this overnight moisturiser works hard while you're sleeping and is especially beneficial for sensitive, mature or dry skin. Beautifully fragranced and wonderfully rich in anti-aging antioxidants it will smooth, plump and replenish your skin leaving skin protected from pollution and wonderfully soft and healthy.   100 ml 3.38 fl oz

Enriched With:
New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil - exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids, anti-aging, renewing and rejuvenating.
Organic pomegranate - one of natures best anti-aging antioxidants that nourishes, restores and replenishes.

How To Use:
Gently massage nightly onto your face and neck and enjoy the perfect way to finish your day.

Made in New Zealand, recyclable bottle.